Air Flight Emergency Medical Membership Unnecessary

Walhalla, Australia - April 25, 2014: The crew of the Air Ambulance Victoria helicopter Helimed 1 supervise the transfer of an accident victim from ambulance to helicopter on the Anzac Day holiday in a small remote hillside town in rugged countryside.  The ambulance paramedics and doctor assist loading the stretcher onto the waiting chopper.  In the background, the local volunteer fire brigade officer has stationed the fire truck to protect the helicopter landing pad

There is a myth that you won’t get medical care air ambulance if you don’t have a membership….read this article to better understand your options.   “For many years, emergency air medical companies have sold memberships to patients who rely on their services to access critical healthcare during emergencies. This subscription model was created to serve as an alternative to insurance, covering members for the cost of an air ambulance flight when a payer denied reimbursement for the transport. But in today’s healthcare world, this model is outdated, and it is time to move forward.”


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