Medicare Made Easy.

Navigating the maze of Medicare isn’t easy so we appreciate your interest in the Medicare Made Easy webinar. We’ve been available for over 30 years whenever you or someone you know has a question.  Our advice is always free and without obligation.

We’re here to help with these and other questions:

  • Medicare enrollment - when and how to apply? How can I avoid penalties?
  • Work past age 65 – what should I do about Medicare and when?
  • My primary care doctor, specialist, dentist, chiropractor is important – what are my plan options?
  • Prescription coverage – will specific medications be covered? What are my estimated costs?
  • How does Medicare work with - Health Savings Accounts (HSA), Military/Veterans coverage or Federal Employee Benefits?
  • I have Medicare but my doctor or medications have changed – is my current plan the right one for me?

For an available phone or online meeting with an advisor use the link below.

Call 1-866-606-8093 to book directly. Please include your company name when booking.