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We are a Southwest Washington-based company, serving the Portland/ Vancouver and Bend Oregon area since 1990.

We provide Medicare beneficiaries with free consultation and advice on enrollment options.

Each year over a thousand Medicare beneficiaries take our free webinars and meetings on Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplements.

Sign up now for Medicare 101, a basic enrollment course with information via online webinar with a live presenter to answer your questions.

Our free online Medicare webinar will provide you with all the basics and answer your questions about how to enroll, when to enroll and how to avoid Medicare penalties. It will also provide a basic understanding of Medicare Supplement vs Medicare Advantage Plans.

Complete privacy! We cannot see you or hear you. Simply write your question. The webinars are every Monday at 5pm.

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Assist our clients in making informed healthcare option decisions via our online webinars.

Our FREE online webinars on Medicare are weekly.

We provide individual consultation on Medicare at no cost to you with a review of all plans available in your area.

We are available to you for any of your questions. We're just a phone call away!


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