Online Health Plan Shopping is Difficult

Annotation 2019-04-22 142750

Here is an article addressing how difficult it is even for the likes of AMAZON or BERSHIRE HATHAWAY to provide online shopping for health plans.  A good local broker advisor is always best.

The digital, direct-to-consumer health insurance company known as Oscar filed to go public this week. The insurer has signed up about half a million people in 18 states and is valued at an estimated $8 billion.

But the picture for health insurance innovators is not all rosy. Last month, Haven, a health care venture founded by Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway and JPMorgan, shut down.

Even online insurance marketplaces like the Zebra find it challenging to list health insurance companies. Chief Technology Officer Meetesh Karia said Zebra focused on the auto and home insurance sectors instead.

Health insurance disruptors like Oscar face challenges

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